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mAP lite
Производител: Mikrotik
Модел: RBmAPL-2nD
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Модел: RBmAPL-2nD
The mAP lite is our smallest wireless access point. It is barely larger than a matchbox, we even had to use a special Ethernet port to match it’s slim profile.
You can carry it anywhere: use as a travel router to extend that hotel internet to all your devices, or as a client device to improve your laptop signal range, the tiny mAP lite will be always with you.
It can also serve as a simple configuration tool for your servers, if there is no ethernet on your mobile device, plus, it neatly attaches to the rack with it’s magnet.
The mAP lite is a dual chain 802.11 b/g/n device and operates in 2GHz.
Product specifications
Product code    RBmAPL-2nD
CPU nominal frequency    650 MHz
CPU core count    1
Size of RAM    64 MB
10/100 Ethernet ports    1
Wireless chip model    QCA9533
Wireless standards    802.11b/g/n
Power Jack    1
Supported input voltage    5 V - 60 V
PoE in    802.3at
Dimensions    48x49x11mm
Operating System    RouterOS
Operating temperature range    -30 + 70 C
License level    4
Antenna gain DBI    1.5
CPU    QCA9533
Max Power consumption    3.5W
Number of chains    2
Storage type    FLASH
Storage size    16 MB
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