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RocketDish 5G-34: 5GHz AirMax 2x2 PtP Bridge Dish Antenna
Производител: Ubiquiti
Модел: RD-5G34
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Модел: RD-5G34
RocketDish Antenna 34dBi RocketDish 5G: 5GHz AirMax 2x2 PtP Bridge Dish Antenna New Technology OMT Design Carrier Class Performance. Breakthrough Price Points. Instantly pair with Rocket M5 to create powerful 2x2 MIMO PtP Bridging applications. Rocket mount and weatherproof RF jumpers included. Rocket M Seamlessly Integrates with Rocket Dish Antenna Rocket M and AirMax BaseStation/Rocket Antennas have been designed to seamlessly work together. Installing Rocket M on AirMax BaseStation/Rocket Antennas requires no special tools, you simply snap it into place with the mount provided with the Antennas.
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