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TOUGH Cable Connectors
Производител: Ubiquiti
Модел: TC-CON
0.92 лв.
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Модел: TC-CON
UBIQUITI TC-CON-100 TOUGH CABLE RJ-45 ETHERNET CONNECTORS 100-PACK BAG (NEW) Touch cable connectors - 100 per bag. Ubiquiti TOUGHCable, industrial-grade shielded ethernet cable. ESD Drain Wire Both TOUGHCable models have an integrated ESD Drain wire to prevent ESD attacks & damage. Anti-Crosstalk Divider Divider inside the inner core separates the wire pairs to reduce cross talk (NEXT). [Level 2 only] Multi-Layered Shielding Multi-layered design enables TOUGHCables to withstand harsh weather and heavy use.