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Media Converter 10/100M-SM, BIDI 20Km SC (Tx :1550 Rx :1310)
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1. Standard: In conformity to IEEE 802.3 10 Base-T standard. In conformity to IEEE 802.3u 100 Base-TX/FX standard. Support CSMA/CD Protocol 2. Built in 128Kb RAM for data buffer. 3. Back pressure flow control for full duplex IEEE802.3 X and half duplex. 4. Automatic identification of MDI/MDI-X cross line. 5. Forward 1600 bytes packets for management. Can also reach 9k bytes(optional, Must inform us ahead). 6. Supports link fault pass through function. 7. Supports far end fault function. 8.Power from external power adapter or USB port. 9.Fiber connector: Choice from SC,ST,FC or LC connector for multimode and single mode. 10.DIP Switch to set configurations. 11. Built in a watchdog timer to monitor internal switch error. 12. LED display for link/activity,full/half,10M/100M. 13.Transmission distance can reach 2km for multimode and 120KM for single mode 14.Can be rack mounted in 14 slots chassis(external Power supply) 15. Support 4KV lighting protection(external power supply,Optional)
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