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Ubiquiti Bullet M2-BM2
Производител: Ubiquiti
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The fastest outdoor AP or client to 2.4 GHz, which can be easily attached directly to the antenna. By eliminating the need to use lossy coaxial. cable! With an integrated indicator signal can be on site to direct the client right antenna. High speed is achieved by supporting the 802.11n standard, using only one antenna. The devices not find any power jack, it's integrated PoE splitter, and it is powered directly by UTP cable. Unlike other products UBNT new Bullet M2 features an improved system AirOS V. In addition, a high sensitivity and power of wireless. Bullet from older versions also differ more powerful processor and more memory. In bridge mode and WDS device supports transparent transmission of IPv6. Included only the unit itself. Source and PoE injector should buy, see related products.
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