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AirFiber - 5 GHz
Производител: Ubiquiti
Модел: AF-5
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Модел: AF-5
Operating in the 5GHz band, airFiber 5 builds on the innovations in airFiber 24 to enable speeds up to 1Gbps and introduces new eXtended Range Technology (xRT) to provide 100+Km maximum range.
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 The model, AF5, features the popular mid-band frequencies, which are freely used in many parts of the world.
 Ubiquiti Networks introduces our proprietary INVICTUS core communications processing engine. The speed, power, and efficiency of this integrated circuit enhances the performance of airFiber AF5. airFiber features a dual-independent, 2x2 MIMO, high-gain reflector antenna system. Separate transmit (TX) and receive (RX) antennas help extend link budgets by eliminating the extra RF losses caused by the switches or duplexers required in systems with common TX/RX antennas.
 Each airFiber radio has two complete antenna systems and a mechanical back-plane that are constructed as a one-piece “monocoque” molding – a radical departure from industry practice. “Monocoque” means that the exterior skin supports the structural load of airFiber hardware. Due to its single-piece, injection-molded architectu
 Newly developed for airFiber AF5, the patent-pending xRT feature uses an innovative, adaptive multi-channel coding scheme to enhance radio transceiver performance, thereby maximizing your link budget and spectrum utilization – while still maintaining regulatory compliance. This results in links that can span distances from 10 m up to 100+ km.
 Introduced on airFiber AF5, the Radio Alignment Display (RAD) makes aiming quicker and easier. The dual, calibrated signal strength indicators display the actual signal strength on the local and remote airFiber radios in real time.
The comprehensive array of radio status indicators display the following:
 • GPS synchronization status
 • Master/slave mode
 • RF link status
 • RF overload warning
 • Current modulation mode
 • Link activity and speed for wired management and data ports
SpecificationOperation mode AP, Client, WDS, Bridge
Frequence (GHz) 5
DHCP yes
Transmission speed max (Mbps) 1000
TX Power regulation yes
Max. output power (dBm) 50
Sensitivity (dBm) -90
Modulation OFDM, QPSK, QAM
Encryption WPA, WPA2
Comformity CE, FCC, IC
LAN port 1x RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbps
Default IP
Default name ubnt
Default password ubnt
Interface LAN, WiFI
Gain (dBi) 23
Polarization Horizontální a vertikální
Radiating angle - H (°) 6
Radiating angle - V (°) 6
Weight (kg) 54
Height (mm) 938,4
Width (mm) 468,4
Depth (mm) 281,4
Powering min (PoE) (V) 42
Powering max (PoE) (V) 58
Min. operating temperature (°C) -40
Max. operating temperature (°C) 55
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