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Ubiquiti Air Grid M5 27Db-AGM5 24V-HP
Производител: Ubiquiti
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AirGrid M5 is a complete outdoor unit including 27 dBi antenna for 5 GHz band suitable for remote clients. Unit allows real communication speeds up to 100 Mbps. For high speed transmission unit uses standard 802.11n and in the case of use as a client unit also supports AirMAX (TDMA) to connect to AP with low latency. The unit can also operate against AP supports only 802.11a standard. Antenna system uses patented technology to achieve the best InnerFeed properties while maintaining a good price. Web-based configuration is very simple and clear. Can be set as: - AP mode, client or WDS - Traffic shaping - QoS - Between WAN and LAN routing and transparent bridge without NAT or NAT - Signal strength, which is suited to the specific signaling LED In bridge mode and WDS device supports transparent transmission of IPv6. Included is a USB PoE injector, through which you can directly drive power. Use a different way can be 24 V power supply with passive PoE injector.
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